Only the Finest...

Thank you for shopping Urbanology Design’s first line of beautifully hand-woven throw pillows. When we created this line we knew the main priority—along with timeless design—was to find the highest quality craftsmanship as the base for our products.

We were introduced to the Heritage Textile Process and knew that level of quality was aligned with our brand. These fabrics are hand-spun, color-dipped, and hand-woven in India where a single yard on the loom can take up to 10 hours. We found it so special that in a world of computer-created textiles we could find a fabric that had the beautiful color variations and raw imperfections that marked it as unique. Along with this intense process, we loved that we were supporting artisan women and aging craftsman with rewarding work and pay. We also are Texas-proud that the pillows are constructed locally in Dallas, complete with brass zippers and fine leather accents.

In the last few years you may have noticed a trend towards sustainability. We believe in this wholeheartedly and wanted to create a product that not only looked beautifully unique in a space, but also wouldn’t take up space in a landfill in a year or two after purchase. You will find that with proper care of these pillows, they will outlast much of the mass produced home goods you’ll find on the shelves of big box stores. With rustic, yet refined modernity, this line of Urbanology hand woven pillows will bring quality and textural interest to your home or commercial space.

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